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Rapid prototyping, value proposition validation, user studies and great user experience designs are cornerstones to innovating.



Prototypes should be done quickly, and often.  There is no better tool to learn from customers, and test ideas than a prototype.

User Studies

Understanding how your customer uses your product is often overlooked.  Make sure your product is optimized with a user study.

Value Proposition Design

Designing new, or refining old products begins with a detailed value proposition. This design process is often overlooked.

User Experience Design

User experience (UX) design builds off of your value proposition, and your customer behavior.  It's a crucial part of your product.

About Me

I have been building products, and marketing them at small early stage startups and global corporations for more than 15 years.

Most recently I have been running the innovation group at ReverbNation.  I also built the music experience at Myspace, and worked at the music and innovation groups at Yahoo!

Christopher Andersson is easily one of the most open-minded, big-picture thinkers I’ve worked with on music product. His attention to detail is only matched by his ability to simplify products to their core essentials, and to think through specs front to back, from the API to the UI.
Christopher Grant Ward
Chris is a big-picture thinker with athletic analytical skills, great integrity, and consistent leadership all aligned with the corporate/departmental mission making him a valuable asset to any organization. He has an uncanny ability to make an immediate rapport with diverse colleagues thanks to his sense of humor, strong technical background and his humble and genuine personality. I give him my highest recommendation.
Azat Aslanyan
Christopher knows product, in and out. He turns complexity into simplicity and has an amazing eye for knowing what is or isn’t important. He’s also just a great guy to work with; his energy and laughter is contagious.
Karen Teng
Incredibly innovative! I’m fortunate to have worked with Christopher at GetGlue and lucky to have him as a resource and mentor. I’m impressed with Christopher’s ability to deliver clarity in the midst of a confusing issue. He shares his ideas with confidence and knowledge in a way that’s easy to understand. He makes me laugh and I always end a call or a meeting with with a smile and a new way of seeing things. I hope you are lucky enough to work with him.
Jason Gaylor
Christopher is someone who really ‘gets’ product. He led the product team at GetGlue during the company’s biggest growth period. This is not a coincidence.

Christopher has the intelligence and understanding to know what features and changes will deliver the best experience for users and the most impact to the company’s metrics. He also was able to deal with internal challenges of conflicting opinions and priorities while always treating everyone from executives to the newest junior engineers with with respect and appreciation.
Andy Roth

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